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Being overweight can be a prison sentence.Break free today.

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This is your opportunity to take your life back to lead a happier, healthier life.

Being overweight is a prison sentence that has you trapped in a body that is not yours. The constant yo-yo of dieting leaves you feeling drained both physically, mentally and emotionally, unable to be let out of the cell you live in. Depression and anxiety become a way of life. Want to enjoy life again? Want to take control? Make a decision to break free.

There is a simple procedure called gastric surgery that has changed the lives of millions of people worldwide. A New Life is a medical travel facilitator who provides the opportunity to have this procedure with world renown bariatric surgeon, Dr Tikfu Gee. Don’t wait another year and wonder what could have been. Start your New Life today.

What is Bariatric Surgery?

Commonly a gastric sleeve or gastric bypass, the procedures are designed to surgically reduce the size of your stomach. The procedure allows you to enjoy the foods you want for life but allows you to be full and satisfied with just a fraction of the portions you may eat today. Your body still will gain all the nutrients it needs to sustain you & provide you energy to live a full life, but within 6 months you would have lost 30-40kg of your current body weight. Over 12 months you would have lost 40-50kg.

This is not a far-fetched claim or a marketing ploy, this is backed by science and literally hundreds of thousands of success stories worldwide.

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Every day that you don’t make a decision is a day that you lose. Every diet you go on is going to be another 3-6 months of your life that you deprive yourself to get to an unrealistic goal in a short period of time to eventually feel the heartache as that weight comes back on.

It costs you NOTHING to be assessed but 15 minutes of your time completing an assessment form to see if you are eligible. We will give you some solid costs on gastric surgery in Malaysia with Dr Tikfu Gee so you can make an informed decision. Stop the dieting roundabout and do something that is proven to work and start living again.

Why choose gastric surgery?

Gastric surgery is fast becoming the choice of 10’s of thousands of Australians every year. 24,000 on average undergo weightloss surgery with that number rising. People are turning away from diets and fad diets and are looking to science and surgery to assist. Read about why diets won’t work in the long term and surgery is an effective solution.

Why gastric surgery?

Which gastric surgery is right for me?

A lot of people will do their own research around which procedure is right for them, but it is in fact a lot more involved than just your choice. Your starting BMI and existing conditions are a factor and a Bariatric surgeon is the right person to recommend. You can still be informed so you know what your choices are.

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Gastric surgery outside Australia. Safe?

There are risks associated with any surgery no matter where you choose to have it done. The idea that just because it is performed outside Australia that there are ‘more risks’ is not reasonable or factual. Let’s explore the commons misconceptions about gastric surgery in outside Australia.

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Who is the Surgeon?

Having a surgeon you can trust is important. Having a surgeon with one of the best reputations in the Asia-Pacific region, who has developed unique procedures to improve recovery times, means you are in safe hands. Learn about Doctor Tikfu Gee and his team of bariatric specialists.

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Where will my procedure be completed?

More and more people are choosing not to have surgery in Australia. 4 month wait times just for a consultation and long queues for the public system is just creating frustration and anxiety amongst patients. But would you just go anywhere to be operated on? Find out why Malaysia is fast becoming the country of choice for bariatric surgery…

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What's it going to cost?

Gastric surgery is expensive even if you have Private Health Cover. The out of pocket expenses of a $30,000+ operation can run into the thousands. If you are not insured, you have to find a surgeon willing to take on your case. See the cost difference between having your weight loss surgery in Malaysia and here in Australia.

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A New Life - Our services

Traveling overseas for surgery can be daunting. A good portion of our clients have never been overseas and this can create additional anxiety. A New Life take the stress out of the process so you can enjoy a trip overseas, a holiday and a procedure that will be the start of your new life.

A New Life Services

Financing your new life

In these tougher economic times, priorities can overtake putting yourself first. Some clients have spent a while saving for surgery, while others desperately need it done now and just don’t have the funds. We have finance options available through our partner, Medway Finance.

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Access to superannuation for surgery

A lot of people in Australia are turning to their Superannuation fund to finance the cost of Gastric Surgery. The Federal Government has a process by which a holder of a Super Fund can access money early in the circumstance of a life-threatening medical condition.

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Are you ready to get started?

Most people when doing research around gastric surgery come to a point where they make a decision to go for it. The first step for us is to see if you are eligible for gastric surgery. You need to complete a confidential secure form and the surgeon will assess you. Get started today.

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