At A New Life, we are there to facilitate the start of your new life. When you are looking at changing your life through surgery, it is daunting to even get started. There are so many questions we see on forums and Facebook that demonstrate how confusing the whole process can be.

First, you need to remove the stress of the HOW and focus on making a decision TO DO. During the decision-making process, we believe you should simply look at the pro’s and con’s of different weight loss methods and make an informed decision.

A New Life primary focus is on facilitating the introduction to having gastric surgery. The surgeon we assist to connect you with is located in Malaysia if you make the decision to proceed with surgery, A New Life will help you every step of the way.

  • Flights:

    Unlike other facilitators, we don’t make you do book flights through us. We offer a FREE service through Flight Centre Business where you get access to a dedicated A New Life Travel consultant who will work with you on getting you there and back in comfort. If you choose to DIY your flights – awesome!

  • Hotel:

    Like flights, we offer the free service through Flight Centre Business. Your dedicated travel consultant will help you find the best rate from our negotiated rates with hotels close by the hospital and amenities. Why do this yourself when you can have someone do it for you? If you choose to book yourself, that’s fine too!

  • Hospitals:

    Malaysia has built its reputation for people having surgery as being a safe and world-class destination. In fact, a whole government department is dedicated to ensuring the high standards. Kuala Lumpur has some of the best hospitals in the world. We organise everything for you including the stay, theatre bookings, and liaise with the surgeon on your behalf prior to leaving. You just need to turn up and have your surgery, stress-free.

  • Surgeon:

    We don’t use a ‘panel’ of surgeons, we use one of (if not the) best bariatric surgeon in the world – Dr Tikfu Gee. We facilitate the approval process; that is; not just anybody can have gastric surgery. It is normally reserved for those in the obese weight range. The approval process is simple, our 10 minute questionnaire will provide all the information necessary for the approval. Dr Gee is the equivalent of a British Knight in Malaysia due to his work with obesity and diabetes and has some unique methodology including not having to have Optifast (liquid diet) pre or post surgery and limiting the gas pain normally incurred by other surgeons. His surgical techniques have resulted in zero mortalities and zero leakage.

  • Recovery:

    Recovery is really important after surgery, so your hospital stay will be in a private room, not in a ward. Your family or friends that you may choose to take over are not restricted to visiting times and you get to relax and enjoy the journey.

  • Payments:

    We handle everything from here in Australia so you don’t have to stress or worry about international transfers or carrying lots of cash.

    • HospitalĀ Fees
    • Surgeons Fees
    • Theatre Fees
    • AnesthetistĀ fees
    • Medications

    The only payments you need to make in country are the Customer Service Manager fees, airport transfers and spending money.

  • Follow up:

    After your surgery we will follow up for 12 months to ensure everything is going ok and offer any advice. Our consultants really care and they want your journey to be successful.

  • What we don't do:

    We are medical travel facilitators, we are not the medical provider nor are doctors, surgeons, or medical staff so we cannot provide you advice or make a recommendation about the type of surgery you should undertake.

    We facilitate (introduce you to the medical provider) of 4 types of bariatric procedures (1) Gastric Sleeve (2) Gastric by-pass (3) Mini Gastric Bypass (4) Gastric Sleeve with minimiser ring. The surgeon will be the specialist who will provide the recommendations.

    We don’t offer financial advice. We provide an overview of information and we recommend you seek independent financial advice when it comes to superannuation or taking out a loan.

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