Arrival in Malaysia

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    Singapore, then Malaysia

    Most flights will go through Singapore, however, some airlines fly directly to Kuala Lumpur. If you are traveling through Singapore, you will need to find a flight board in Singapore airport to find the gate that your short flight to Kuala Lumpur will depart from.

    • All signs are in English
    • There is plenty of staff in the airport to help (just ask!)
    • You may need to take the light rail train from Terminal 1 to Terminal 2
    • Your checked-in luggage should transfer to the new flight (if we have organised your flights)

    If you have a few hours stopover, take the time to look through the Singapore airport. It’s pretty amazing! Just make sure you’re at the gate at least half an hour prior to departure.

    Usually, when you enter through the departure gate you go through security. (Xray and potentially a body scanner). Have your passport handy along with your ticket.

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    You have arrived in Kuala Lumpur

    Celebrate! You have arrived in Kuala Lumpur. Now you just need to navigate immigration, baggage and customs

    • You will go through immigration first – You will show your passport and you may be required to provide a biometric fingerprint scan. Follow the instructions provided. They will also take your photo. (don’t be alarmed if they don’t on the way in, as they will on the way out).  There may be a long queue but look for the “Foreign Passport” signs. Stick to the middle queues. There is no desperate hurry and we want you to be safe and not be overwhelmed.
    • Follow the exit signs to the baggage area
    • There will be a large screen showing your flight number (or codeshare number) and a baggage carousel number. Head over and wait for your bag.
    • Collect your bag and head towards the door.  Usually, the scanning machines are not in operation so continue out.
    • Follow the signs to the exit and you will see a large group of people holding signs with people’s name on it. Look for Rosalind from the photo we have provided, OR a sign with your name if we have organised a driver.
    • Head out and you are on your way to the hotel OR straight to the hospital depending on the schedule.
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    Concierge Briefing

    If our Concierge has picked you up, she will provide you a brieifing. If a driver has taken you from the airport to the Hotel, the Concierge will meet you there and provide a briefing.

    • Confirm date and time for surgery
    • Confirm when she will arrive to take you to the hospital
    • Give you any tips or advice for looking around KL

    If you have any questions, this is the time to ask. Our Concierges are lovely and very friendly and know KL back to front

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    Hotel check-in

    If you have a few days prior to surgery, you will be checked into your hotel. All hotels we use are located in and around Mid Valley Mega Mall. Our Concierge will assist you to check-in. Time to relax.

    • Go and explore the Mega Mall
    • Take a taxi (Our Concierge will tell you which one’s to take) or an UBER to China Town
    • Take a city Tour (Our Concierge will assist with this)
    • There are plenty of day spa’s around the hotel


    • Enjoy your food! You can eat whatever you want leading up to surgery. So long as you fast 8 hours prior, Dr. Gee’s prescription is to have your final ‘food funeral’. You can eat whatever you want and enjoy a drink (or 2!) as well.
    • Relax and enjoy your time before surgery. You are on holiday remember. There is plenty to see and do around KL.
    Surgery Day