Departure day checklist

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    What to pack

    Malaysia is pretty hot. The average temperature all year round hovers between 28-30 degrees Celcius and very humid. The good thing is, everything is air-conditioned. Remember, if you plan to shop whilst in Malaysia, you should consider how much you pack.

    • Comfortable clothes (light and breathable natural fabrics)
    • Swimmers (pre-surgery at the hotel)
    • Pyjama’s for men: Make sure you have larger than normal elastic waist type bottoms. Anything tight will cause pain with the surgical scars.
    • Pyjama’s for women: As above or nightgown.
    • Comfortable walking footwear
    • Thongs or sandals
    • A good hat
    • Toiletries (the hotel will have basic toiletries such as body wash, shampoo, and conditioner)
    • Sunscreen
    • A good book (or two)
    • Tablet to watch a movie (hotel and hospital does have a tv but it is mostly Malaysian TV that you may not understand)
    • Overnight bag for hospital
    • Post-surgical stockings (you may be supplied these, but would recommend for plane trip home to reduce risk of DVT)
    • Medications and prescriptions (you may be required to show your prescription)
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    Travel checklist

    This is by no means an exhaustive list, but this should give a few timely reminders

    • Passport
    • Itinerary printed or on phone
    • Receipts for hospital and surgery payments
    • Wallet/purse with 50-100 Malaysian Ringgit and payment for Concierge ($500 AUD)
    • Mobile phone company notified of overseas travel
    • Bank notified of overseas travel (in case you use your credit card)
    • Family members notified
    • Carry on bag with only allowable items (check with the airline)
    • Other ID such as Drivers Licence
    • Passport!

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