Excess Skin Removal

Excess skin after weight loss

Major weight loss is a testimony an individual’s determination resolve and discipline. In some instances, that transformation leaves a remnant of our old selves in the form of loose excess skin.

It seems the body gods curse us! We go through a massive change and lose the weight and then we can be saddled with a few kilograms of excess skin for our troubles. The skin is a living organ and it adapted to our weight gain over time by growing, however, that same skin doesn’t generally have the ability to tighten or snap back to it’s original state.

I felt like I had gone through 2 years of hell to lose the weight. I kept thinking my skin would catchup but it just didn’t. I was still left with a body that I didn’t want to take to the beach. Kids would stare at me and I found myself feeling bad about myself even though I had just achieved the impossible.

Jessica - Sydney Australia

Should you get rid of excess skin?

This is a very personal preference. Some clients see their skin as a constant reminder of where they came from and then spend time at the gym making do with what they have. Others become depressed by it and feel like their efforts in losing the weight was for nothing and they begin to think negatively of themselves again.

Excess skin can cause a few problems over the long-term

  • Skin damage
  • Back problems (the sheer weight causes posture issues)
  • Chafing and rashes
  • Skin infections
  • Ulcers and abscesses

Whether it’s for medical reasons or for aesthetic personal reasons, we are here to helpyou through.

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