Want a holiday and start your life again?  Malaysia is an amazing place and a great holiday destination.  A lot of people do not broadcast to everyone they know they are having the surgery done.  Having a holiday as part of the surgery means

  • You can take holidays rather than explain to your employer what you are doing
  • You can simply tell your friends that you are going on holiday
  • Your recovery will be in Malaysia so no-one will be the wiser why you went

To have Gastric Surgery in Australia you are faced with long wait times, sometimes mediocre hospital facilities, flight and accommodation costs if you don’t have a surgeon in your city (or you choose to go elsewhere), recovery where you may be tempted to ‘get back to your normal life’, especially if you have kids.  Going away has many benefits, not the least of which is the cost.

Below is an estimate of costs for Gastric Sleeve surgery in Malaysia.  Please note that any costs payable in Malaysian currency specifically are tied to the currency movements between Australian Dollar and the Malaysian Ringgit.

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Please note: If you are not sure of your travel dates, we can provide a quote on accommodation, but not flights.

*Flight estimate excludes connection to major capital from non-capital city

*Does not include A New Life booking fee

*Does not include any specific medical travel insurance

*Does not include any optional extras such as FlyBack Cover

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