In making this decision, you will look back in 18 months time and say “Why didn’t I do this 5 years ago?”. Now you’re resolute in your decision, it’s time to start planning. Let’s go through the steps of what needs to happen from here and the timeframe.

  • 1


    First step is for you to be approved for surgery by the specialist. He will also provide a recommendation based on the information you have provided. To gather this information for the surgeon, you will need to complete the Eligibility Assessment form. This takes 15 minutes, you can complete on your phone or on a computer. Once we have confirmed your submission, we submit to the surgeon and approvals will come back within 24-48 hours (excl. weekends and public holidays)

    Complete the eligibility assessment form
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    Once we have approval back from the specialist, we will send you the approval, any conditions or questions he has and also your quote for the surgery, hospital, accommodation (based on recommended number of nights), A New Life Malaysia Concierge services and booking fees and charges. We will also provide you the link to accept the quote.

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    Once you have accepted the quote, we will send you your invoices and instructions to pay. At this point, you will be required to pay your deposits to lock in the surgery dates. Note; nothing is confirmed until the deposit payment is received. We will provide your itinerary via email, accommodation booking confirmation an intro to our Malaysian Concierge who will be assisting you from the moment you land in Kuala Lumpur.

  • Departure day!

    By this stage you have your passport and are ready to travel and had any vaccinations your GP has recommended. You have your spending money, $500 for the concierge and all your travel documents. With your flights ready to go, you will be ready to set off to Malaysia. Before you leave we will send you a checklist to ensure you haven’t forgotten anything! Exciting!

  • Arrived!

    You have arrived in Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur, you have collected your bag and gone through customs and will be met by either your driver or our Concierge. You will pay the Concierge in Australian currency for their services for the 10 days. You will be taken to your hotel, assisted with check-in and make sure you are comfortable. Your surgery time will be confirmed 24 hours prior to the scheduled date and the Concierge will let you know what time they will come to escort you to the hospital. If you wish, we will introduce you prior to any other clients who are in KL for surgery, this can be especially comforting going to dinner with some new friends. Because you are staying right in the central shopping district, you will have plenty to do! Relax and enjoy your time before surgery, including our last meal before surgery – we encourage clients to really dig in!

  • Surgery day

    You have fasted for the last 8 hours prior to your surgery and are ready to go! Hopefully you really enjoyed your final meal before surgery and are feeling calm, but a bit excited. It’s ok to feel nervous right now. Our Concierge will come to pick you up from the hotel, check-out and escort you to the hospital. It’s within easy walking distance, there you will go through admissions. The Surgeon will come and have a consultation with you in your room. Once you meet him, we guarantee you will feel at ease and a bit excited. He will go through the procedure and answer any questions. About an hour before surgery, you can have a shower, get into your surgical garment and get yourself prepared. The Concierge will be there, so don’t feel you are alone. If you have friends or family with you, they can stay with you in the room. Off to surgery, an hour and a bit later you will be returned to the ward – All done. The start of your new journey in life.

  • Recovery

    You will be in the hospital for 2-3 days after surgery, in your room/ward. (unless you require ICU) The hospital staff are attentive and will be there to assist you every step of the way. At times, Malaysian nurses can have a fear of some foreign patients who can be rude or abrupt, so speaking to them nicely will go a long way! The Surgeon will visit you and let you know how the surgery went. You will be provided any and all medications required for your stay and beyond. First meal will come the day of or the morning after surgery. That’s right. Real food from day 1! It is clear soup and a protein drink, but it is the first step to your recovery. Most rooms have TV’s, however it is Malaysian TV so you may want to ensure you have a good book or two or have downloaded some movies before you left on Netflix! (There is wifi available)

  • Relax in the hotel

    On day 2-3 (normally) after surgery, you will be discharged. The Surgeon will see you before you leave and then setup your post operation consultation with you and the Concierge. You will go back through admissions, get your reciept or pay your invoice if you chose to pay upon discharge. The Concierge will take you shopping for your food for the next days so back to the hotel, check-in and leave your bags. Recommendation! Don’t overshop! Yoghurt, soft cheeses, water, packet soups is all you’ll need. A lot of patients will sleep a lot for the first 24-48 hours after surgery and that’s ok. Others will be up and about and wanting to get out! We always recommend to take it easy, it’s a marathon, not a sprint. This should be the best time of the trip as any pain will subside and you will immediately start to feel better. By the end of the 7 days, most clients have lost between 7-10kg. A lot of fluid weight is in that, but that’s still weight that needs to go. Exciting!

  • Get out there!

    3-5 days post surgery you will feel full of energy and ready to get out and about. Some clients are shopping it up the day they are discharged in the Mega Mall and others just take a bit longer. We do encourage clients to begin walking from about day 5. The air-conditioned shopping centre where the hotel is, is perfect for this. There is a cinema and over 1000 specialty stores. Get out and explore! You may also want to get out on a tour. Your Concierge will help you with this. There is so much to see around KL including China Town, Sentral Markets, The Palace, Times Square and more..

  • Final Consultation

    Usually on a Saturday but around 2 days before you leave you will attend your final consultation with the surgeon. He will do a full check of your surgery wounds and change dressings. By this time, there are no issues with the wounds. He will weigh you one final time and then answer any questions you have. He will reinforce the dietitions recommendations. By this time you are very comfortable with him and can share a joke and even a goodbye hug! You’re part of the Bariatric Family now. He will provide you his details in case you have any questions or concerns when you get back home. You will also have to go to the chemist on the way out to pick up your final medications including blood thinners for your flight home.

  • Departure day!

    The Concierge will be there to help you check-out and either organise a driver or take you to the airport. They will drop you directly to Kuala umpur International Airport where you will find all the check-in counters for all airlines. Always good to get there 2-3 hours prior to departure. You will proceed through the first stage security, back through customs and then you can relax and maybe spend some time in Duty Free. (Remember, if you are traveling through Singapore, the airport shopping is amazing). The gate opens at a certain time, and then you will proceed through the full security screening and wait for your flight to board. You will be home soon enough! Bye Malaysia.

As you step through the process, we keep you informed as to what is required at what stage. You will be assigned a Consultant here who will be supporting you every step of the way. Don’t wait any longer to get your new life started. Talk to us today

Departure Day checklist

The long road cut short

I was 165kg, 90kg over my healthy weight 16 months ago. I was scared to have surgery and all my friends didn’t understand. They would just tell me to stick to a diet and exercise. People don’t understand that once you are that big, it is a long lonely road back to health. Having this surgery changed my life. Hunger = Level 0 Motivation = Level 10. I have lost 75kg, have been going to gym for the past 12 months and have good muscle tone. So happy. I am so glad I decided to have gastric surgery – it is a tool that I now have for life.