Here is a step by step guide of what you need to do prior to your surgery

Here is a step by step guide of what you need to do prior to your surgery


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    Complete the Assessment or request a consultation

    You will need to be approved for surgery by the surgeon prior to departing Australia. If you struggle with computers or filling out forms, or just want to chat with us, you can request a consultation and we will take you through the questionnaire.

    If you are ready to proceed, your first step will be to complete the assessment form so you can be approved for surgery.

    NOTE: It is imperative that you complete this accurately and honestly. You may be refused surgery in Malaysia by the surgeon if it is found you have not been honest. No refunds will be provided if you have not completed the assessment form honestly and your surgery is canceled.

    Start the Eligibility Assessment
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    Talk to your family or close friends

    This is not the type of surgery that you should hide from your close family (eg husband/wife). You will need support and assistance once your surgery is completed and if your family don’t know, they won’t understand when all of a sudden you are eating a tiny portion of what you once ate, and losing weight rapidly.

    They may not understand why you want to do this, but with your GP’s support, along with the information found on this website, you should be able to show them the benefits.

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    Discuss with your GP

    It is important that you discuss any life-changing procedures with your GP. We don’t require you to talk about where you are planning or thinking about getting your surgery, just that you are. Some GP’s recommend counseling first and this may be an important step to ensuring you are successful.

    Referrals required from your GP

    • Bloodwork: Referral for a full blood test. (Full blood count, liver function, renal profile, thyroid functions and serum cortisol)
    • Ultra-sound: Referral for a pre-gastric surgery ultrasound (abdomen)
    • Upper Endoscopy (some patients complete this in Kuala Lumpur)

    If you are over the age of 40

    • Chest X-ray
    • ECG (Electrocardiography – painless procedure, usually can beconducted by GP)

    If you have a heart condition, a history of mild stroke or taking aspirin or blood thinners:

    • Full cardiologist report or cardiac work-up.

    NOTE: The surgeon will outline all recommendations after you have completed the eligibility assessment form.

    You should be able to have these done on Medicare prior to leaving Australia but should be completed no longer than a month before surgery (closer to surgery for blood work is better) If you choose to have them in Malaysia due to time restrictions or otherwise, you will have a cost associated with this. Please inquire with your consultant for an estimate.

    CLICK HERE for a letter to take to your GP

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    Receive quotes and book

    Once you are approved for surgery, you will receive quotes for all costs including

    • Flights (if you are having us help you with these)
    • Accommodation
    • Malaysian concierge services (in country support person)
    • Hospital fees
    • Anethesist fees
    • Surgery fees
    • Medication
    • Follow-up consultation fees

    You will complete the acceptance online form to proceed, you will pay a minimum of the deposit and booking fee with full payment required 14 days prior to departure (or 7 days for Fast Track).

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    Passport and insurance, spending money

    Passport: You will need a passport with a validity of at least 6 months for entry to Malaysia. There is no visa required.

    Currency: We recommend you change money in Malaysia at the exchangers located in the Mall where your hotel is located (Mid Valley). The exchange rate in Malaysia from (AUD to MYR) is generally better. If you wanted to take a small amount of money depending on what time your flight arrives, please do so.

    Please note: It is not A New Life’s responsibility to follow you up on your passport. If your surgery needs to be moved and flights changed, you will incur additional charges (flight differences ($unknown), theater rebooking fees ($275), Surgeon rebooking fees ($350), administration fee ($200).

    Travel Insurance: We will provide a quote for normal travel insurance ONLY if we are booking your flights.

    Complications Insurance: There is only one provider of medical complications insurance. Global Protective Solutions. You can get a quote here. (we do not have any association with GPS)

    Departure Day checklist

Feel Free to Request a Consultation

Request a Consultation